Best Cleaning Rod – Essential Tool for Cleaning The Gun’s Barrel

How a barrel gets dirty and its adverse effects on guns?

Your gun’s barrel is at the peak of being free from dirt and bullet residual till the first time you pull the trigger, shot after shot it keeps on getting filled with dirt, carbon and other residues. There are thousands of other factors that build on the dirt like weather, the moisture (oxygen) can react with the surface of your gun which causes rusting, and furthermore, the bullets also contribute in getting the gun internally dirty. If the gun gets too dirty this can affect the performance or the precision as it can result in misfired shots and in the extreme situation it can also cause the gun to get fully jammed and stop working fully to a point you may need to consider purchasing a new weapon.

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How to clean your gun?

Many people are aware of this as the answer to this is lubrication and cleaning agents, these clean your gun internally and externally by dissolving the dirt with them and evaporating later, this is a crucial gun maintenance practice and many people do it punctually to keep their gun performing to the best of its ability, however, there isn’t much awareness in the matter pertaining to the barrel of the gun which is ironic as this equally the most important component of the gun and because of this reason guns of many people gets dirty even though they clean and oil it regularly. A great companion of mine introduced me to cleaning rods for cleaning of my gun’s barrel, these rods acts as a tool that goes inside your barrel and cleans and frees it out of dirt and carbon and other residues, he even recommended me a name of a cleaning rod Tipton 658539 Max Force which I use frequently to clean my gun’s barrel but not many people know about this, therefore, I have compiled a list of honorable mentions and my very own favorite cleaning rod which I have briefly described below.

Tipton 658539 Max Force

Tipton has for decades produced high quality products that ensure not only safety but neatness and longer life of your weapon as well and because of this the company has gained many loyal customers and I being one of them.  The cleaning rod is made of carbon fibers which makes it resistant to corrosion, heat and other chemicals whilst being very sturdy and strong which is a must-have quality in any cleaning rod. Many cleaning rods cannot be used for different guns; however, Tipton 658539 Max Force changes that as it is an extremely versatile rod, Tipton 658539 Max Force can be used on guns like rifles, shotguns and pistols. To make cleaning easier for you it comes with a sold handle which provides a firm grip that makes the overall barrel cleaning process easier and quicker. 

Honorable mentions

  • Hoppe’s RC22P Elite
  • Tipton Deluxe
  • Dewey Rods 22C30
  • Dewey Rods 22C30